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in other news, the madoka magica movie ruined my emotionally as much as my situation is ruining me emotionally right now

David Maslanka’s Symphony No. 3 is slowly but surely changing my life right now


"I dealt with people all my life, and now I’m burnt out. I just like to be alone. It’s more comfortable."

Evening Falls - Nikolay Dubovskoy

Robert Motherwell (American, 1915-1991), Beside the Sea with Black Stripe, 1962. Oil on canvas, 66 x 54¼ in. humansofnewyork:

"I wasn’t lucky enough to have ever found what I wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong— I did nicely. But I never found my passion."

holy shit hahahaha I feel so pathetic again I’ve had a good run but hahaahahahha I feel so dumb so, so dumb again a huge wave of sadness just hit me and I am drowning so, so terribly

it still confuses me how unaware I am of the fact that I am aware of my situation and I can’t comprehend why I keep thinking that it is not ephemeral 

sad boy needs soup

where do I fall in the rhythm of your life? of anyone’s life?


olivier umecker

#selfie II