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it is a Thursday night and we are playing a tabletop rpg humansofnewyork:

"If I had paid them more attention, they would feel toward me now, how I should have felt toward them then."

I made enough macaroni and cheese to last an entire week


jennifer. a. thomas. | II pleut.

when did I end up being the considerate one I always try to look like I don’t give a shit but I really do I keep having to give up the things I want so that I’m not an extra burden on anyone especially my parents and I’ve learned to be okay with that and I am not making sense right now but why am I all of a sudden so angry about it I need to stop

there’s no gain from being angry, there is no worth in holding in a grudge, I’ve basically put myself in a position where I am freely letting people walk all over me and as angry and unforgiving as I want to be I have to keep telling myself those two statements



A comic I made for class

p.s. my senior prom ended 8 minutes ago and I thought I wasn’t going to feel like shit for being ditched by my date and I thought I wasn’t going to feel like shit for not going but it’s happening

my friend is over and this is about the 5th time that he’s fallen asleep on me and I’m 99% sure that he’s not going to wake up from this one until the following morning and if this isn’t a sign that I’m not meant to have friends then I don’t know what isĀ